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Our specialist staff are qualified and trained in the education of children with autism and related conditions. We have post graduate qualifications in Special Educational needs, Autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis and Challenging Behaviour and degrees in Behavioural Sciences. We are a team of qualified teachers, teaching assistants and therapists.

South Wales Autism Staff 

We have trained extensively in PECS and the Pyramid approach, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behaviour (VB), Teacch, Signalong, Sensory Integration, Talk Tools, feeding therapies, Sex and Realtionship Education, Intensive Interaction, Physical Intervention, Rebound Therapy and Multi Sensory Therapies.


We also work with our speech and language therapists and occupational therapists to provide a complete, coordinated multidisciplinary school placement.


We have over 15 years classroom experience developing educational programmes and supporting the needs of a wide range of individuals on the autism spectrum and other additional learning needs.


We are able to develop a bespoke service to facilitate development for all individuals with additional learning needs.


For more information regarding our staff, qualifications and training please click the link for our Whose Who booklet or contact the school office.