purple-question-mark1 FAQ Page

  • Can my child attend the Gwenllian Education Centre? Open or Close

    Places are available to children and young adults between the ages of 5 to 19 with a diagnosis of autism. We may consider applications regarding children with other similar pervasive disabilities if the student profile is considered suitable for an effective placement.


    Consideration will be given to the geographic home location and student travel time to and from school.


    Placements at the Gwenllian Education Centre are subject to agreed funding, which would normally be agreed by the placing Education Authority.


    We should be listed as a potential school placement by your child's local authority, particular when considering potential Secondary School placements or when a statement of special educational needs is being issued.


    Places at our school are subject to availability.


  • How does my child travel to the Gwenllian Education Centre? Open or Close

    The funding authority would usually pay to transport your child to our School. This would usually be a taxi service with an escort, although it may be possible for the school to provide transport to school on behalf of the local authority.

    Travel times are typically restricted by local authorities to a maximum of 80 mins each way.

  • Do I live too far away for my child to attend the Gwenllian Education Centre? Open or Close

    There is no legal reason why your child couldn't attend our school for geographical reasons. However we need to consider the needs of our students and it may be worth travelling further if nothing is suitable to your home.

    We rarely consider placing students with over 90 minutes travel time. As it is unlikely that your child would not share transportation then the journey to our school may take less time than the shared school transport to your local special school setting.

    We generally consider expressions of interest from Carmarthenshire, Swansea, Neath-Port Talbot, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan, Powys, Rhonda Cynnon Taff and Merthy Tydfil.

  • My child's education is currently being supervised by a specialist consultant. Is it possible for my child's consultant to continue to be involved in my child's education. Open or Close

    We fully recognise the importance and input provided by specialist consultants and therapists. We welcome the opportunity to work with your consultants to develop the educational provision and will endeavour to involve professionals of your choice. Please contact us for further information.

  • Is may child able to attend part time? Open or Close

    Although we would recommend a full time placement to ensure your child accesses the support required through full time attendance, we would be happy to explore a part time place at our school.

  • Do students at the Gwenllian Education Centre wear uniform? Open or Close

    It is not compulsory for students at our School to wear uniform although we do encourage our students to wear our polo shirts and hoodies. This facilitates their transition to school, enables them to recognise staff and other students and assists with their involvement in our Centre.

    We provide our students with our school polo shirts and hoodies when they start at school and usually at the beginning of each academic year.

  • Who provides school meals? Open or Close

    We provide our students with a cooked meal and dessert for lunch and provide snacks and drinks for our students. This is usually included in the school placement fee. We also provide meals and snacks for our students when attending educational activities in the community.

  • Do we cater for specific dietary requirements? Open or Close

    Yes. We can discuss any dietary requirements with yourselves and currently provide gluten free, dairy free and soya free meals.

  • Will my child access therapists and other services specified on the current statement of special education needs? Open or Close

    Yes. We work closely with our specialist therapists and other colleagues to ensure that the support specified in your child's statement will be implemented effectively.

  • Why is our approach based on the principles of ABA? Open or Close

    ABA is the science of learning. We feel as educators that it is imperative that we utilise our knowledge of learning to deliver an effective educational approach. Our approach is evidence based, ensures we are able to plan effectively and assess their current skills and developmental needs and maximises our students achievements.

    Our approach is based on the Pyramid approach to education, by Pyramid Educational Consultants. Pyramid are re known mainly for the PECS (The Picture Exchange Communication System).